Sunday, August 19, 2007


C&F's initial blogpoll ballot, with some description below (The Ranks will be posted later), for your bashing pleasure. Feel free to tell me where I've been excessively stupid which, give the rate of corrections for the past few weeks, might be a higher bar for C&F than for most.

1Texas 25
2Michigan 24
3Southern Cal 23
4LSU 22
5West Virginia 21
6Auburn 20
7California 19
8Wisconsin 18
9Florida 17
10Virginia Tech 16
11Rutgers 15
12Nebraska 14
13Oklahoma 13
14Louisville 12
15Ohio State 11
16South Carolina 10
17Florida State 9
18Southern Miss 8
19UCLA 7
20Tennessee 6
21Penn State 5
22Arkansas 4
23Brigham Young 3
24Hawaii 2
25Oregon 1

Dropped Out:

Justification, excuses, impressions:
--The Top Three. Yes, C&F is going contrarian again. Even after listing all the reasons C&F thought he might not rank Southern Cal at No. 1, he thought about doing it all the same. But that seemed too Corso-ish, so C&F went with the courage of his convictions, even to the point of dropping Southern Cal to No. 3. As forTexas as No. 1 -- Colt McCoy is leading the offense again, and the only real cause for concern in C&F's eyes is a touch of inexperience on the o-line. (And everyone has questions this year.) If Michigan avoids the "huh?" game, there seems to be little to keep them from going undefeated and being a great team.
--LSU. Don't trust Les Miles. Just don't trust him. Until he shows that he can avoid snatching two defeats from the jaws of a flawless season, the team will always debut here at no higher than No. 4. Plus: What do we actually know about Matt Flynn other than he had one good game against Miami a year and half ago?
--Auburn. This is probationary status, under the idea that Brandon Cox won't regress again this year. The first time C&F sees signs that Cox still doesn't get it, he reserves the right to knock the Tigers way, way down.
--Rutgers/Louisville. Yes, I think Rutgers is better than Louisville, particularly with the Cardinals trying to grasp a new system.
--South Carolina. Call me a homer, but I think this is about right for them this year.
--Georgia, TCU, Boise State. I've already outlined problems with Georgia. I think BYU will beat TCU this year. I think Hawaii is better than Boise State, whom everyone seems to forget has to replace most of the skill players on last year's Cinderella offense.
Again, more justification will follow in The Ranks, which will also come after the tweaking that will inevitably come over the next week or so before the final preseason Blogpoll.

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