Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Well, it seems that Jim Tressel gets a little, um, confused when he fills out that ballot.

Oh, what's that you say? He doesn't fill out his own ballot.

When Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said he voted Texas No. 1 in the coaches poll, he made a mistake, USA Today, which sponsors the poll said. ...
At his weekly news conference on Tuesday previewing the top-ranked Buckeyes' showdown at No. 2 Texas on Saturday night, Tressel said, "I've got (the Longhorns) ranked No. 1 on our ballot." Texas coach Mack Brown, meanwhile, said he had listed Ohio State No. 1.
USA Today, however, disclosed late Tuesday that Tressel's ballot actually lists Ohio State No. 1 and Texas No. 2. ...
Stan Jefferson, Ohio State's director of player development, called in Tressel's ballot Tuesday morning. He said he changed the ballot and did not have time to tell Tressel.

Besides making Tressel look like a Florida voter haggling with a dimpled chad, this incident reveals one of the ugly truths about the coaches' poll: What most universities call plagarism passes for "filling out your ballot" in the athletics department.

Can win NC with underdog team. Reading and writing? Not so much.

Personally, I find the entire story of how this came about far too convoluted to be believed. I think Tressel was trying to avoid giving Brown anything to put on the bulletin board and got nailed by USA Today. So somebody had to take the fall.

But who knows? Maybe the guy who's won a national championship and whipped ND last year is just stupid.


There are now new statistics on the new clock rules in college football: 18 fewer plays a game. (HT: EDSBS) That means less of the brilliance of Steve Spurrier. And less of the confusedness that is Rich Brooks.

Where am I? Why am I here? What are these headphones for?

Far be it from the NCAA to do something productive, such as (a) fixing the BCS; (b) preventing teams from scheduling Division I-AA laughers; or (c) putting Fulmer on a starvation diet. No no no, they're going to give us (as several people warned us) less college football.

BTW, has anybody considered how last year's epic championship game would have been affected with 18 fewer plays?

Thank you, Myles Brand, thank you for your visionary leadership.

Football? Who wants more football?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


How do you know the college football season has truly begun? We have our first criminal charges.

According to the AP:

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas senior starting cornerback Tarell Brown was arrested and charged early Monday with misdemeanor drug and weapon charges, leaving his status in question for the No. 3 Longhorns' matchup with top-ranked Ohio State. ...
According to the report, Harris got out of the car when pulled over and Brown and Gatewood were asleep. Harris passed a field sobriety test but told the deputy he had been smoking marijuana and there was "some" in the car.
When deputies approached the vehicle they saw Brown, who was sitting in the back seat asleep, with his hand on a gun in his lap.

First of all, this falls in line with Dumb Criminal Maxim No. 1: Always tell the police when you've been smoking marijuana.

But it also shows that Brown is truly a brave man. Any man who will fall asleep with a gun in his lap deserves a medal for bravery -- or stupidity.

Risking his future sex life to fulfill the thug image. You think he's scared of WRs?

Monday, September 04, 2006


FSU-Miami. Great game. No question. But, apparently, ESPN feels that the game is too "big" to be contained by one network. So they're going "Full Circle" with tonight's coverage:

--ESPN will have a "traditional" broadcast, which I suppose means Holly Rowe will be wearing a corset.
--ESPN2 will have "isolation shots" of Bobby Bowden and others, I guess so we can see how little "coaching" BB actually does.
--ESPNU will have SkyCam angles and include commentary from Colin Cowherd, much of which will likely be stolen from M Zone, if history is any guide.
--ESPN360 will have something called broadband enhanced coverage. It's Comcastic!
--ESPN Classic will carry the game in black and white.
--ESPN Deportes will focus on Latino players and give regular updates on Fidel Castro's health.

Okay, so I made up the last two. But the question is, why?

Why in the world does anyone need four ways of watching a game? Heck, why in the world does anyone need two ways of watching a game? Why would anyone want to listen to Colin Cowherd for three hours? Is there literally nothing else happening in the world of sports? Don't get me wrong, I (obviously) love college football. But why does any game need four outlets?

ESPN. The world-why leader in sports.


Crikey! somehow doesn't cover it.

Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, died today. Freak accident -- not one of his crazy, dangerous stunts. A good man.

To see his finest college-football related moment, go to this EDSBS post.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


--California does know it's a good idea to, you know, bring people down when you're trying to tackle them, right?

I haven't seen any official stats on this, but I think the cheerleading squad actually had more tackles than the defense.

Robert Meacham: Still running as you read this.

--West Virginia destroys Marshall to win the "Friends of Coal Bowl Trophy." According to this item: "The trophy required six weeks to produce. Liquefied coal mixed with resin formed the football, which rests atop a glass pedestal on a carbon base."

Rodriguez and his players win an increased chance of contracting black lung.

--ESPN on ABC: Why?

--Notre Dame kicker Carl Gioia misses two field goals. He will be able to transfer to Florida State before Monday night's game against Miami.

--Mitch Mustain the new starter at Arkansas. That didn't take long.

--Dan Hawkins remains zen-like after his Colorado squad gets embarrassed by, um, Montana State. Somebody did tell him Montana State was a I-AA team, right?