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What can you say?

Blake Mitchell has been benched for the first week, says Spurrier. Though it's not really anything new -- the attendance issues that brought on the suspension have already been reported, it's yet another sign of Mitchell's lagging record in the leadership department.

Spurrier said Mitchell plans to appeal. If the suspension is upheld, Chris Smelley, a redshirt freshman from Tuscaloosa, Ala., will start next weekend against Louisiana-Lafayette. Spurrier said Tommy Beecher also would see action. ...
Under the athletics department's class attendance policy, which was amended in May, athletes are assigned points for unexcused absences from class, tutor sessions or study hall. Athletes who accrue too many points can be suspended for as many as two practices and two games. ...
"I'm 100 percent behind our class attendance policy," Spurrier said. "There's no reason in the world why only one or two guys are in trouble."

First of all, I think we can all agree that it's a good thing that Spurrier supports this particular policy. Let's give ESPN a couple weeks to focus on something else.

What, I'm supposed to, like, go to class and stuff?

Secondly, humor C&F as he floats a possibility out there. What if, what if, Chris Smelley has a great game? Not a good game -- this is, after all, Louisiana-Lafayette -- but a great game, something like 300 yards passing and 4 TDs? Might Spurrier be tempted, somewhere in the back of his mind, to extend the benching?

Of course, he would. But whether he will do it or not, that's another question.

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Blogger TideDruid said...

Tuscaloosa represent!

11:43 PM

Blogger Ryan Ferguson said...

Brandon, I know Spurrier. And I guarantee that any Spurrier QB's job is never safe.

If Smelley plays a great game I'd be surprised to see Blake Mitchell starting game 2. However, Smelley will be given a short leash. Spurrier might tolerate one pick. Two... he gets the hook.

6:38 AM


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