Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Every once in a while, even the most fast-food loving, cholesterol-packing, transfat-scarfing American wants nothing more than a healthy meal. It can taste good and, heck, it might be the only thing you eat all month that won't significantly increase your chance of cardiac arrest.

Good. And good for you.

So it is with Week 7. There aren't necessarily any games that are going to make you lean back and go, "I can't eat anymore." But the games are good enough to keep you entertained. And let's face it: It's a Saturday in fall. You're going to be watching college football. What else are you going to do? Something productive?

Sure, you could do this. But why?

Plus, Clemson has a bye, so there's no danger of flipping the channel and unwittingly seeing a combination of purple and orange that will make blood pour from your eyes.

The action begins Thursday with another revenge match-up, this one in the form of Florida State at Wake Forest, set for 7:30 p.m. on ESPN. FSU's 30-0 humbling at home at the hands of surprising Wake last year was arguably the low point of a sour season for the Seminoles. If FSU is on the way back up (and everyone, C&F included, seems to think that's the case), a convincing win at Wake's place would be one way to prove it.

Other revenge opportunities also leap out from the schedule. Auburn visits Arkansas at 7 p.m., looking for a chance to get back at the team who knocked them out of the SEC championship game last year. Georgia goes to Vanderbilt, time and network TBA, looking to exorcise last year's 24-22 defeat at Sanford Stadium.

One of the only, if not the only, intriguing nonconference games is the border battle between South Carolina and North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Otherwise, it's conference, conference, conference. Wisconsin visits Penn State in a 3:30 p.m. game on ABC, both teams battling to be a legitimate runner-up to Michigan in the Big Ten or -- with a break -- conference champs themselves.

LSU goes to Kentucky, where the Wildcats will try to prove they belong among the big boys by knocking out a conference favorite. The Wildcats from Arizona will face Southern California in Los Angeles in what could be a trap game for the Trojans. Missouri travels to Oklahoma in a cross-division battle that could be a contest between runners-up or could be a preview of the conference championship game.

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