Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This year, 16 bloggers are slated to take part in the inaugural SEC Power Poll, a set of intraconference rankings with more team speed than anyone else in the country.

The concept is fairly simple. Every week, after having made the enormous sacrifice of studying a weekend of college football -- life as a blogger is hard -- our erudite pollsters will send in ballot ranking each of the teams from 1-12. Clutching a calculator for dear life, C&F will tally the results and post them here each Tuesday.

Without further ado, the bloggers who have currently agreed to take part are...

In the East: For Florida, David at Orange and Blue Hue, Mark at Swamp Ball and Orson at EDSBS; for Tennessee, Joel at Rocky Top talk; for Georgia, Kyle at The Wishbone; for Kentucky, Glenn at A Sea of Blue; for Vanderbilt, Joshua at Vanderbilt Sports Line; and for South Carolina, yours truly.

In the West: For Alabama, Todd at Roll Bama Roll, Newspaper Hack at Journalism is for Rockstars, Stu at Tide Druid; for Ole Miss, Erik at Deep South Sports; for Mississippi State, Jeremy at Mississippi State Sports Blog; for Arkansas, the Hog Blogger; for LSU, And the Valley Shook; and for Auburn, Jay at Track 'Em Tigers.

Yes, C&F realizes that both Florida and Alabama are relatively overrepresented right now; this is a problem he is striving to correct by recruiting others. If you have an SEC blog that has a fair amount of original content during football season and are committed to what you're doing, drop me a line at laughin 98 (((at))) hotmail (((dot))) com. Or you might hear from me. Obviously, bloggers from the underrepresented schools will get priority.

(Coincidentally, not being asked should not be taken as a slight. Some people were left off to avoid asking more than three bloggers from one school at a time, with the choice often being capricious, and others were simply forgotten in the haze of writing e-mails at 12:30 a.m. And some of you guard your e-mail addresses like they're Dick Cheney's secure and undisclosed location.)

This is intended to be a conversation starter among SEC blogs and the public at large about who's the best team, regardless of whether their schedule or division creates an easy path to Atlanta. So feel free to cuss, complain or otherwise comment here. I'm sure most of the bloggers would also welcome comments on their individual ballots at their sites, as long as they're not death threats or offers for a GRE//AT DE@L ON V!AGRA!!!

The first poll is scheduled to come out Sept. 4. Be sure to join us.

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Blogger Newspaper Hack said...

I'd like to see how the first polls shape up to ones in the middle of the season. Every team has so many question marks, the first few weeks will be a lot of fun.

1:11 PM

Blogger Seth said...

I'll be happy to join the poll as the Ole Miss blog. My blog is the Hotty Toddy Blog : http://hottytoddyblog.blogspot.com



2:32 PM

Blogger Seth said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:14 PM

Anonymous Jai Eugene said...

Wow, does it always have to be Florida? Swamp Gas, Orange Blew and Hue and EDSBS? It appears just a bit weighted towards Herban and crew, like having a DT block a kick, and that DT was supposed to have been "suspended"?

3:54 AM


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