Sunday, August 26, 2007


Because previewpalooza has left me unable to do The Thread and other linking as much as I'd prefer...

First off, let C&F do something he usually avoids and point you in the direction of a Ron Morris column. It's about Cory Boyd. C&F hasn't gotten all the way through it yet -- you'll need a while to finish it -- but it's already impressive.

Second, if you've ever wanted to see C&F publicly humiliated, here's the place to go. The Mayor cuts apart some of the poorly-formed thoughts in C&F's "Georgia doesn't own South Carolina" post. C&F's reponse is here. He posts this exchange for the advantage of anyone who might have read the original post but not seen the debate that followed.

Finally, the best CFB blog on the web weighs in on our beloved conference. Yes, SMQ is going through the SEC, including video of the Gamecocks' beating Georgia in the last seconds on the '93 games, leading Munson to sound like he's about to jump from the press box. C&F eagerly awaits the binding picks for the East -- which, sadly, will beat his own. Back to previews...

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