Monday, July 09, 2007


And now we come to another reason C&F doesn't like writing about recruiting: Some of the recruits end up not playing. And so it is with at least three of the incoming freshmen from South Carolina's EARTH-SHAKING, NATION-TOPPING SUPERCLASS.

The recruits -- Michael Bowman, Eric Baker and Antonio Allen -- are all three-star players, meaning they aren't the kind of guys you want to lose but they also aren't class killers. As long as you're only losing two or three of them.

But we might not be done yet, Person tells us: "Spurrier said a couple other members of the incoming recruiting class, which was rated as high as No. 4 in the country, also have eligibility issues."

Again, the hopes are that the damage ends here. If it turns out, though, that the class was built on cutting corners and other smoke-and-mirrors tricks, then we might be right back to ... nah ...

So it ain't so, Steve

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