Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The Big Ten, it's a-growing. Or at least it wants to. Conference Emporer Jim Delany has cast his eyes across the landscape of this continent and is looking for the latest prize he can add to his domain.

To Notre Dame, and victory!

This is, of course, not news to many of you, especially those who have been reading mgoblog, which has chronicled this pretty thoroughly.

Texas is one college mentioned as a possible new member of the conference. Another name that has now (curiously) surfaced -- though C&F cannot tell why -- is Florida. (HT: EDSBS)

Florida? It's by no means out of the realistic realm. More snowbirds are from the Midwest than any other area. Think UF wouldn't move? Think again.

Wow. Just how powerful is the crack up there in Pennsylvania?

Why stop at Florida? Hawaii might be in play. And if they turn down the Big Ten, C&F hears the Hiroshima Raccoons might be looking for a new conference home.

The most bizarre part of Mr. Jones' effort here is the "Think again" comment, which seems to suggest he knows something. Which, of course, is laughable for anyone suggesting that Florida would move to the Big Ten.

For one thing, the Big Ten is waaay too slow for Florida, while we all know the Big Ten is too smart for those of us in this har southron part o' the cuntry.

What, exactly, causes someone to think this? Who sits down and goes, "Which team might fit in the Big Ten? Which team might ... Eureka! I have it! Florida, one of the southernmost states in the country and a program near the coast used to warm weather shall join a Midwestern conference!" (By the way, ask the Big East how that worked out for them.)

Big Ten expansion is actually something C&F has advocated for years. The most logical candidate, though, is Notre Dame. After that, who knows? C&F, coincidentally, would like to see the Pac-12 (Boise State? Hawaii? Fresno State?) and an expanded Big East -- though how, exactly, that league would grow to 12 is still a mystery. (Central Florida? Southern Miss? And then?) Yes, teams in the Big 12, the SEC and the ACC do have a tougher path the NC game, though the ACC really has more pressing issues keeping it away from the crystal football.

But the proposals ought to be within the realm of human logic. Nonsense like this does nothing to advance the idea.

--Speaking of the Big Ten, Michigan is the favorite to win, says the media, followed by Wisconsin and Ohio State. So years of dealing with Lloyd Carr have taught you nothing? [C&F: Brian points out in the comments section that this was a cheap shot, and I agree. I was trying to make a joke about Carr's habit of falling short of expectations in recent years, but he has won all or a share of the conference titles for five of the last 10 years, making this particular jab unfair. I'm leaving it there as part of the whole standing policy of correcting errors while keeping them visible.]
--And Georgia players think they've got it bad because their mopeds keep getting pulled over. That's nothing, says Indiana tight end Blake Powers, who was arrested for tossing a water balloon.

According to a police report, Powers admitted that while a car in which he was riding was stopped at a traffic signal, he had tossed a water balloon through the open window of another car, striking the driver in the head.
The driver, Paul Wampler, was an Indiana University police officer who had just gotten off work and was heading home.

Hopefully the Hoosiers' QBs will show better judgment in choosing their targets.
--The jury has been chosen for Mitch Cozad who, you will recall, is accused of taking the first-string punting job far too seriously. Like, stabbing someone too seriously. Apparently, watching "CSI" was a major strike against you.
--It's August. College football begins this month. And C&F is woefully, woefully behind in his preview material.

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Blogger Brian said...

Um. Lloyd Carr has won five of the last ten Big Ten titles.

11:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:57 AM

Blogger Brandon said...


Fair enough. I was getting at the general underperformance vis a vis expectations in recent years, but fair enough. Change noted.

8:42 PM

Blogger bigal2rin said...

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4:15 PM

Blogger bigal2rin said...

As a former Hiroshima Raccoon, I'm wondering why you chose to reference us in your comment.

4:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone hear that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

7:42 PM


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