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Introducing The Thread, a daily look at the college football stories and trends that are making headlines.

Obligatory blustery introduction aside, today The Thread kicks off with a look at the simple fact that Big XII LBs, in particular, seem unable to handle their liquor.

First came word of the arrest of Oklahoma State LB Alex Odiari, who was arrested simply for the act of being in a bar. Usually, this is not illegal, except that Odiari is 20. Ah, but Odiari was also not content with going for the underage drinking citation, getting the most bang for his buck by violating a protection order while in the bar illegally.

Stillwater police responded to a report of a possible emergency protection order violation at Willie's Bar at 12:36 a.m. Friday and found Odiari's ex-girlfriend, who claimed Odiari had violated the order by making contact with her inside the bar. ...
The emergency protection order was issued July 5. In it, Odiari's ex-girlfriend claimed he had thrown her to the ground, thrown her against a wall and repeatedly grabbed or shoved her in their "dating relationship" that had existed since 2006.

Little hint: If you're going to enter a bar illegally, best not to violate a protection order while you're there. If you're going to violate a protection order, best not to do so while illegally in a bar. Better yet, don't do either.

Of course, Oklahoma State is already dealing with allegations that its players have extraordinarily bad behavior where women are concerned. We're talking about sexual-assault level bad behavior. Not that head coach Gary Barnett Mike Gundy seems overly concerned.

Chris Collins' presence on the Cowboys' football roster — and his prominence in their dark-horse designs on a Big 12 South title — is raising eyebrows.
Hanging over Collins in his hometown of Texarkana, Texas, is a felony charge of sexual assault related to an incident involving a 12-year-old girl in May 2004. One of four men charged, Collins has pleaded innocent.
In the meantime, he's at OSU and readying for the 2007 season. He'll stay, coach Mike Gundy said Wednesday, "until he leaves or somebody comes and gets him." ...
"I don't think that there's any doubt Chris would say that he made a mistake, and I don't agree with what happened," Gundy said. "But we gave a young man an opportunity to make up for something because of the investigation we did over the phone, and I'm a believer that … he deserves a second chance."

Investigation over the phone. Way to be thorough.

In fairness, the incident allegedly occured in 2004, putting Collins somewhere around the age of 15, which means the age difference was not as large as it might seem today. But sexual assault is still sexual assault.

Meanwhile Texas' linebackers stick to the good, old-fashioned way of wracking up the criminal charges: driving while intoxicated. In this case, the alleged tippler is Sergio Kindle.

The sophomore was taken into custody around 2:30 a.m. after failing a field sobriety test, according to Austin police. He was later released from Travis County Jail. ...
"We're aware of Sergio's situation and are disappointed anytime one of our players is accused of wrongdoing," Texas head coach Mack Brown said in a statement. "We take a strong stance against drinking and driving and will thoroughly investigate this situation."

Hopefully not over the phone.

Texas also has repeat-offender status. DE Henry Melton got tagged for DWI June 1.

But the Big XII is not alone. In fact, Washington State right guard Andy Roof has gone for a combo, getting a drunk-driving charge after having been caught imbibing while not yet 21. Give him credit for asking the head coach to level with the media, but it'll cost him the season anyway.

Pac-10 player, leader of liquor-laden malfeasance. Les Miles could not be reached for comment.


--Threats aside, Boise State RB Ian Johnson has married cheeleader Chrissy Popadics, bringing the Fiesta Bowl fairy tale full circle.
--Proving that the Detroit Lions will try anything -- anything -- at WR, the team signed Reggie Ball to a one-year contract. C&F's favorite option on the AJC poll: "Pardon me, I'm laughing so hard I don't know what to think." Imagine what new-old teammate Calvin Johnson must be thinking.

We did what? Is it too early for me to retire?

--The rule change regarding kickoffs is going to dramatically alter the college game. Actually, no, it won't.

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