Sunday, July 29, 2007


When your state has a reputation for redneckery, perhaps it's not the wisest move to marvel at the football knowledge of women who turn out at a football camp.

Alas, that is exactly the path The State chose to take in its story about Spurrier's football clinic for women.

The women, who had signed up for USC coach Steve Spurrier's third-annual Ladies Football Clinic, hadn’t been dropped off kicking and screaming by their husbands, to learn the fundamentals of the pigskin. ...
That's because, like a number of women at the clinic, they’re not average fans.
They want to share in as many USC football experiences as possible. Saturday, they stood elbow-to-elbow with Spurrier and nodded their heads as he said, "We’ve got to play a lot smarter than we did last year."
Football is their passion. ...
The women who come to the clinic, she said, know football.
"We can talk football with the boys, sometimes we can talk better football," she said, laughing.

Well, sakes alive! Women who know football!

Houston Nutt is looking into how he can hold one of these.

There are some interesting anecdotes in the story, but it's mostly a fluff piece.

Some of the participants like Derrick, who has attended the women's clinics since Brad Scott coached the Gamecocks in the 1990s, consider the day a belated birthday present. (Her birthday was last week.)

C&F would simply say that a football clinic led by Brad Scott can hardly be considered a birthday present.

Becky Derrick's previous 'birthday present.'

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