Tuesday, July 17, 2007


HBC's contract is almostfinallyactuallyclosetobeing done. The delay? Giving him more money for time he's already spent as the Gamecocks' coach.

You'd be smiling, too, if you had his contract.

If C&F ever needs an agent, he's getting Spurrier's.

Amid overtures from Miami and Alabama about their coaching vacancies this past December, Spurrier agreed to a $500,000 raise and a one-year contract extension. More than seven months later, Spurrier has yet to sign the deal.
The way it was structured, the amendments to Spurrier's original, $1.25-million annual deal were to take effect July 1. But with USC’s athletic department now in better financial shape, the executive committee of the Board of Trustees is expected to re-structure Spurrier's contract again and make the raise retroactive to Jan. 1.
The executive committee will vote on the matter today. ...
Spurrier's contract after the raise is worth a guaranteed $1.75 million annually and runs through the 2012 season.
It includes incentives that would pay Spurrier as much as $900,000 if the Gamecocks win the SEC and BCS titles and Spurrier is named national coach of the year.

Um, isn't giving HBC a bonus for being "named national coach of the year" almost redundant should he somehow manage to guide South Carolina to the BCS title? Unless the opponent is Temple, C&F has trouble imagining how anyone else could be chosen.

Just pay the man and get the contract signed. Lord, how long does it take?

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