Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Never trust ESPN, installment No. 546.

Vacationing from his real job, C&F was sitting back and watching ESPN when they announced what appeared to be important news: College football could move to the "plus-1" format for a national championship as soon as 2011, according to a report in New York Post.

Could it be? Was it true? Was college football finally close to the system that could resemble a playoff without killing the relevance of the regular season?

What was in this magical NY Post story?

The question has changed from, "Will There Ever Be a College Football National Championship Game?" to "How Soon Will It Happen?"

Well, that's promising -- though it falls into the claptrap that there somehow is not currently a national championship game, an esoteric argument that essentially comes down to the opponents of the BCS saying there isn't a championship game because the championship game format we have is not the one they want. College football has a championship game; it might not be a good one, but the winner is acknowledged as a champion by the sport at large. It matters not how you get there, as long as their is a declared champion -- contested or not.

C&F will now step off his soap box and quote more from the NY Post story.

Sources in several conference offices, athletic directors and television networks told The Post that support is steadily growing for a "Plus-1," format in which there will be a national championship game following the playing of two "semifinal games."
The first title game could be played in 2011.

This is the big scoop? "Support is steadily growing for a 'Plus-1,' format"? That's been going on for at least three years. But maybe they're just setting something up here.

"There haven't been any official discussions among conference commissioners, but the overwhelming sense is that that's where we're headed," one conference source said. "There's simply too much money at stake and there's been too much debate with the current system."

Haven't been any official discussions? Then what, exactly, is the news here? That the schools and conferences are finally acknowledging that there is debate outside their clique about the validity of the current BCS?

This just in ... C&F has learned that man has walked on the moon.

Under the new format, the top four teams would be seeded, probably using a voter/computer formula similar to the current BCS system and a sixth major bowl game would be created.
The four top-seeded teams would play in two "semifinal" games, using the existing bowls -- Orange, Sugar, Rose, Fiesta and the current BCS title game on a rotating basis -- with the two winners meeting in a newly created bowl. Theoretically, it would leave less argument over who's No. 1.

Ah, the BCS' answer to every problem: Let's create another bowl! That'll fix it!

BCS:Bowls::George W. Bush:Troops

Meanwhile, the New York Post is "breaking" the news about a playoff format that we've been discussing for years.

This simply reinforces what you already know about ESPN and the NCAA: When it comes to common sense being put into action, believe it only when you see it.

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