Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Our country's legal system is once again examining some of the undesirable or unappetizing parts of CFB. It's time for Linkeration.

--Charlie Weis is headed back to court for the retrial on his gruesome gastric bypass and the allegedly botched care that surrounded it. But experts say the ND head coach faces some tough hurdles in the malpractice courts of New England.

Medical malpractice lawyers say Weis faces an uphill battle in the second trial. Winning a malpractice case against physicians is difficult, especially in Boston, where the medical community is world-renowned and usually given great respect by jurors. Juries find in favor of the doctor in the vast majority of medical malpractice cases that go to trial in the state.
"There's certainly an appreciation of the medical profession and a recognition of the level of education that certainly works in the doctor's favor," said Boston attorney Andrew Meyer, who specializes in medical malpractice cases.

In response, Les Miles said: "Yeah, he's facing some real juggernauts -- Wilda Winkelstein, Harvey Boofer and Johnny Ellis. There's maybe, three, four jurors that are gonna be tough to win over in that case. Weis ought to come down here to the SEC, where we've got real juries, and you've to win over all 12 folks, and they're real tough nuts to crack."

Not impressed with New England juries.

--A judge has ruled against the North Colorado backup punter who sought to have his statements to police thrown out based on the lack of a lawyer and the savage, savage way a police officer treated a pizza. Plea deal, already in the works, to follow quick-like.

--And a University of Montana player has been arraigned on murder charges as the two Montana schools continue to cause mayhem in a state where you would think even college students would have a hard time getting in trouble. Is it just C&F, or does it strike anybody else as slightly odd that he's just suspended? I mean, presumption of innocence and all, but still...

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