Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Hope everyone had a great Independence Day.

And speaking of underdogs trying to overthrow their oppressors, Georgia officials are taking a close look at a request for specialty license plates designed for UF alumni.

The fact that Georgia's football squad has lost 15 of its past 17 encounters with the Gators has nothing to do with his opposition, says Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson (R-Savannah).
"A Gator tag will cause accidents. Gator fans cannot drive or read traffic signs. A car up on blocks cannot move," Johnson wrote in his letter to state Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham. ...
But even after Graham gives his approval, the state Legislature still would have to give an up-or-down vote on the tag when it reconvenes in January. Johnson, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, promised close scrutiny.
Even should lawmakers somehow overcome their pro-Bulldog prejudice, Johnson predicted high-handed judicial activism. "If our prisoners have to make these tags, the Supreme Court is going to declare that cruel and unusual punishment," he said.

Knowing Sen. Johnson professionally, I think he was joking. I think.

Governor, they're already unbearable.

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