Friday, July 13, 2007

FIRING AWAY, 07.13.07

--After the accolades from Phil Steele and EDSBS, SMQ is still not sold on the Gamecocks' East crown potential. He does look for 8-4 and a slight bowl upgrade -- maybe Music City instead of Liberty -- but that's it as far as the progress goes. Which would be good, but could be better.

--Charleston Post and Courier columnist Gene Sapakoff, on the other hand, decides to forego the whole prediction thing and just point out that the predictors are confused. So why bother predicting? He does point to a curious lack of depth at Clemson.

Come to think of it, how does a veteran coach end up with only nine recruited seniors? Are upperclassmen being hazed at Clemson? Aren't there college basketball teams with nine seniors?

Where did my seniors go? Why am I here? I want my daddy!

--Stephen Garcia wants another chance from the fans, Person tells us.

"These people are very forgiving. That's why I'm very thankful I still came here," Garcia said today at the "Pigskin Poets" Program at the Richland County library. "Hopefully it will blow past very soon, which I think it will."
Garcia said he has begun the community service portion of pretrial intervention, a program that will expunge the two misdemeanors from his record if he completes it. The Tampa, Fla., native also said he is staying out of Five Points, knowing that one more misstep will end his USC career.

Staying out of Five Points? Eh, probably advisable for Gamecocks QB in general. But, really, what is the point of going to South Carolina if you don't go to Five Points. And don't come at me with the Vista -- that upscale, preppy, vaguely French and in no way masculine district full of Greek-dominated bars.

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