Thursday, July 12, 2007


The expectations are growing. This is not good.

Sometimes, "IT" turns out to be a scooter.

In any case, Person games out five ways the Gamecocks could be great, and five ways they could be ... well ... Holtzesque.

Some of the more intriguing possibilities on the good side:

5. Spurrier figures out a way to beat Georgia. ...
It gets no easier this year with September trips to Georgia and LSU. History shows that good things happen to the Gamecocks when they beat the Bulldogs (see 2000 and ’01). Spurrier must take advantage of an inexperienced Georgia defense that still will be in search of an identity on Sept. 8.

On the bad side:

1. Mitchell is injured and misses significant time.
Unlike last season, there is no Newton waiting in the wings if Mitchell struggles or gets hurt and Spurrier wants to take the offense in a different direction. ...
5. USC comes up empty in Athens and Baton Rouge.
The SEC schedule-makers did the Gamecocks no favors by sending USC to the Bayou two weeks after its trip to Georgia. If USC could manage a split in those games, the Gamecocks should be in the thick of the SEC race following games against Mississippi State, Kentucky and Vanderbilt (sandwiched around an Oct. 13 game at North Carolina).

Personally, C&F would be thrilled with a split, though it would probably take defeating UGA and LSU for the public at large to get serious about the Gamecocks.

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