Sunday, July 29, 2007


It's already time to begin questioning the decision-making ability of South Carolina's latest running back.

That'd be Brian "Hollywood" Maddox, who willingly decided to take part in a reality show on ESPNU.

That's right, a reality show. On ratings juggernaut ESPNU.

Maddox, a running back from Anderson, is one of six freshman football players featured in the second season of ESPNU's "Summer House," a reality show that puts participants under the same roof for a week and pits them against each other in a variety of physical and mental competitions. ...
Maddox said an ESPN representative contacted him during his senior year at T.L. Hanna High to see if he would be interested in joining the "Summer House" crew. Though he was a littler nervous before his first flight without his parents, Maddox arrived safely to Jersey City, N.J., where the six players lived with "House Dad," Chris Spielman, an ESPN college football analyst and former Ohio State linebacker. ...
The winner of the daily challenge was awarded with the master suite for a night, accompanied by unlimited use of the phone and computer. ...
During this week's show, Spielman removes Internet privileges for the entire group after one of the players exceeds his allotted time on the computer.

Who, exactly, is going to watch this? Set aside for a moment that the show is on ESPNU, which means that a good portion of college football fans are likely to be unaware of its existence. Why would you want to watch a bunch of largely unproven college football players trying to impress Jonathan Vilma with their cooking while Chris Spielman tries to keep order?

Hopefully, for Maddox's sake, he won't take part.

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