Monday, July 02, 2007


And so it falls to C&F to defend the honor of Erin Andrews, recently maligned by the slander of Addicted To Quack (though I must give props on the name) and damned with faint praise (if even that) by EDSBS.

For those of you coming late to this program, both ATQ and EDSBS have questioned the hotness of Erin Andrews, or "EA" as she is known thanks to the ramblings of Chris Fowler.

Now, C&F will grant that EA will never quite eclipse Scarlett Johansson in his heart.

Any excuse. Any excuse.

But ATQ takes a step farther, saying: "If I never see Erin Andrews again, it'll be just dandy with me."


ATQ builds his case heavily on a few unflattering photos of EA, including one where she is obviously wearing far too much make-up for her girl-next-door cuteness and looking into a harsh light that can only be a nearby solar flare.

Incontrovertible evidence follows:

Not hot.

Hard on the eyes. (The one on the right, the one on the right.)

Unbearably ugly.

Can't stand her. Oh ... sorry, Scarlett again.

C&F rests his case.

He must also, however, heartily thank ATQ for sparking the most enjoyable research project C&F has done in quite some time.

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