Thursday, July 12, 2007


Well, now the cat's either out of the bag, or the official high-ranking prediction dooming the Gamecocks to a season of maddening, 5-7 mediocrity has officially been made.

EDSBS has ranked the Gamecocks No. 6. That's in the nation, not the SEC. (HT: Leftover Hot Dog, yet another Gamecock blog.)


Steve Spurrier, openly and unashamedly beloved by this website, got the SC offense with dancin’ Blake Mitchell up to #20 in total offense last year, a stat which should improve this year as Mitchell has a final year in the Cock ‘n Fire.

The reaction so far has ranged from "Orson, are you crazy?" to "Orson, are you stark raving mad?"

Nurse Ratched will see you now, Mr. Swindle.

And before you discount this, consider that all Top 25s are speculative at this point, and C&F sees little (other than chutzpah) separating EDSBS from any other set of rankings.

That said, C&F has no intention of putting the Gamecocks in the Top 10, and they'll be doing good to make the Top 15. (I'd love to play along, but the O-Line. Oh, the O-Line.) But who knows?

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