Monday, July 23, 2007


Every once in a while, there is a seminal moment in a sport, an incident or innovation that changes the game forever.

With any luck, the premiere of College Football Live will not be one of those moments.

The show opens -- bizarrely -- with the Grambling State University band, bedecked in their gameday uniforms for no apparent reason other than being a set piece for the first episode of an ESPN news/talk show.

Lee Corso, for his part, seems to be confused by the whole concept. "What are we doing here? Can you tell me?" So Corso is already in midseason form.

Where am I? Connecticut? What game is going on there? Does this hat work?

And now it's time to speed through the ESPN storylines du jour. Corso returns to "Ohio State lost because of the 51-day layoff"; Herbstreit notes curiously that Southern Cal's spot at No. 1 is "almost a foregone conclusion," though he seems to blissfully forget ESPN's complicity in that; and less than five minutes in, we've already got our first look at the Virginia Tech story, which will be touching until ESPN tries to tie it together with, say, Branden Ore's sore hamstring in Week 7. ("Another tragedy has struck the Hokies...")

Did they mention that the show is INTERACTIVE? Well, that's the second time they've done so. And as evidence of this interaction, they present ... a poll. Ooooh. Shiny. "We've got much more than that for you," Rece Davis notes, helpfully, after pointing out that many ESPN shows offer online polls.

The highlight of the program, in a freak show sort of way, was the Les Miles interview. It doesn't take long for Rece to make his way to the bizarre hit job Les did on every major football conference outside the SEC.

"This is a bad news time. That's all there can be," Miles says, in a response that would defy the most valiant effort at diagramming its sentences.

Ah, screw it.

Davis quickly moves on, as if dealing with a mildly delirious patient who is best handled by simply agreeing with or ignoring everything he says.

Asked about Saban taking over at Alabama, Miles refers to "the team that he'll coach," then responds to a question about whether he's avoiding mentioning the Crimson Tide's name by talking about how he doesn't like "those teams in red."

It's as if he's thinking, "I can't say 'f-ing Alabama' on TV, can I?"

And the show is INTERACTIVE. Did they mention that? Look, Rece is being handed e-mails with questions for Corso and Herbstreit RIGHT NOW! Nothing notable in this segment -- which is INTERACTIVE. Corso sticks by his Spurrier won't win the SEC at South Carolina line, which simply means he's still bitter over the Holtz firing, and the viewer who suggests that Kentucky could defeat Southern Cal is rightly dismissed.

Rece promises they'll be back every weekday.

Oh, goody.

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Anonymous SA said...

Wait, you mean this show is a disaster? Well I'll be.

Liking the blog so far Brandon. Already got ya on the RSS feed.

6:28 PM


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