Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ah, the preseason has officially begun in the SEC.

Why does C&F say that? Because Media Days are here.

Mostly a gabfest, yes. But they bring some scraps of news, a couple of amusing comments and no end to gossip and speculation. Look at Day One's goodies.

Spurrier speak. HBC is once again causing a stir with his comments, his best dinger coming against Clemson ... or Kentucky ... or both.

We thought we had done something good beating Clemson. And then Kentucky beat 'em also. And Clemson was a real good team. At one point in the year they were a dang good team. I don't know what exactly what happened to them.

He happened, Steve.

Spurrier also repeated his goal of winning the SEC -- something Cory Boyd said left the team "giggling like a bunch of little kids" -- and said he would coach "at least five more years."

(Outside the meetings, freshman TE Mat Williams is looking at leaving the team, according to The State. Not a huge loss, but yet another example of the sometimes-odd attrition that has hit the highly-touted recruiting class.)

Cartoon image fulfilled. For anyone who things of Nick Saban as the Nicktator ... well, his debut on the Alabama media guide actually sounds like Soviet propaganda.

Loved the caption below a full-body shot of Saban superimposed over Bryant-Denny Stadium: "The Process Begins."

The Process? That sounds almost painful.

Follow my Five Year Plan or you will go to the salt mines!

Groves a tad bit obsessed. Speaking of Saban, his comments about dominating Auburn seem to have riled up the Tigers' Quentin Groves. Perhaps a bit more than is healthy.

We have it in our weightroom, I have it my locker. I have it over my bed at home. I have it in my bathroom when I wake up in the middle of the night. ... They are a great team, but to say you work 365 to dominate one team, you have 11 other games. You go 1-11, hey, where is the $4 million?

Heisman campaign underway. Arkansas is already starting to politick for Darren McFadden to get the most coveted award in college football. The school plans to set up a Web site to support the effort, and Houston Nutt has offered to text message the voters many, many times.

Are any of those voters women?

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