Saturday, June 09, 2007


Alas, C&F can no longer claim to be the only independent blog on Gamecocks football.

But, on the flip side, this means that we have a new member of the blogosphere who will undoubtedly bring even more wisdom and insight to Gamecock Nation.

Firstly, this will be about how I will cope with the unforgiving force that is South Carolina Gamecock football. ... I claim to know little about college football or just about anything at all, really. However, in the great tradition of the Internet, this will not keep me from spewing forth random words grouped into sentences and those sentences grouped into paragraphs.

These sentiments verify that Third Down Draw is, indeed, a Gamecock fan and is a kindred spirit to C&F, who regularly spews forth random words grouped into sentences.

Welcome, Third Down Draw.

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