Monday, June 18, 2007


Citizens of the Most Tranquil and Beautiful Nuttistan,
Joyous news today that the people of Nuttistan have rallied behind the Glorious Leader and Accomplished Father of Our Nation, the Ayatollah Housteihni.
A full 63 percent of the wonderful citizens of Nuttistan have said that the GLAFON is doing his job according to their satisfaction. The other 37 percent are invited for a personal meeting with the Ayatollah Housteihni, at which they will most certainly not be shot for their transgressions.
Victory is most sweet.
The GLAFON would like to extend the most gracious thank you to the most wonderful Karl Rove, who has been instrumental in our victory. Though he must say it is suspicious that this Karl Rove always seemed to know what the Ayatollah's messages to a glorious television anchor said.
Surely, our country can now leave this troublesome time behind us and move to a most glorious new state of greatness and beauty.
Your Glorious Leader,
Ayatollah Housteihni

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