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There are those who argue that blogs have no standards. Nothing could be further from the truth. Blogs do, for the most part, have standards. The difference is we simply don't follow "the rules" about avoiding sacred cows, implying rumors with a wink and a nod rather than just stating them or marching lockstep with conventional wisdom whether we agree with it or not.
Ohio State will beat Florida. Ohio State will beat Florida.
So C&F lays out his standards and general code of ethics below -- something he has done only in fits and starts so far.
First, everything below should be regarded as an addendum to the excellent ground rules laid out by EDSBS and Burnt Orange Nation.
A few points on that:
1. We will not participate in the Conference Wars.
Okay, fine. But the SEC is still the best.
2. We will actively abstain from 1=1 thinking/writing.
There go half of C&F's posts.
5. When referring to a team's ranking, we will use the BlogPoll.
Since USA Today and the AP use their own polls -- and C&F sees nothing more inherently valuable in these polls than the BlogPoll, and in fact some reasons the BlogPoll might be better -- this seems to only make sense.
7. We will tirelessly promote the work of Sunday Morning Quarterback until he is rightly crowned College Football Blog King.
9. We will kneecap the weak-brained, starting with ourselves. And in the spirit of the rule, we'll admit our errors freely. Even proudly.
This should help C&F even out the loss of posts from the "1=1" rule.
15. We will limit our complete ad hominem hatred of a coach to one man and one man only. Orson drafts Bobby Bowden. Peter selects Bob Stoops. You may grab your own Free Parking pass on one and one coach only.
Tommy Bowden. Was there ever any doubt?
17. We are fans of the game, above all else. This is s'posed to be fun, y'hear? Those who try to ruin our sport will be brutalized. Amen.
This includes the authors of last year's whacked clock rules, right?
That dispensed with, it's time for the in-house rules. C&F has made an effort to lay out some of his rules before, but it has been in fits and starts. Now, he presents them in all of their glory and likely irrelevance to what he is actually doing by Week 3.
1. Conventional wisdom will be challenged. If you want to find out what everyone in the MSM is thinking, C&F can suggest several news sources and columnists.
2. Dissent is welcome. As long as you're willing to hear back from C&F, C&F is willing to hear from you. If you come with points that require clarification/correction/mea culpa (such as with the Ray Ray debacle last season), C&F is happy to do so. If you come with a different point of view that is supported by the facts, he will gladly respond in kind as part of a great discussion.
3. The good and the bad will be covered. Again, if you want an all-happy, all-the-time view of the Gamecocks, there are message boards and Web sites made for you. That won't happen here. C&F will criticize, mock and praise without fear or favor. Except resident crush Scarlett Johansson.
The only untouchable one -- in the criticism sense.
4. Recruiting coverage will be minimal. This is in part because of the general creepiness of talking about a 17-year-old's thighs, but also because C&F finds the whole thing presumptuous. Just because a kid throws more TDs than anyone else IN STATE HISTORY!!11! doesn't mean that success is automatic in the college ranks. This should give us all pause.
5. Speed is important. So is getting it right. C&F will take all reasonable efforts to make sure that the former does not interfere witht he latter.
6. No link whoring. Did some of this in the past, have apologized, will move on. Similar courtesy is requested.
7. Rumors will be reported, but skepticism will ensue. This got to be a problem during the great Spurrier-to-Bama uproar, and all for naught. But if you ever want to drive your hit count up, right about something related to Alabama. It will soar. Trust C&F.
8. Short when appropriate, long when necessary. There will be lengthy posts on C&F from time to time. This will be when analysis is the order of the day or -- in cases like this post -- when it seems inevitable. Otherwise, C&F will fight his instinct and try to be brief.
9. Calls for the end of employment will be rare and justified. Not every offense someone commits is a fireable one. C&F will only call for removal if/when someone has proven themselves completely incompetent and capable of carrying out only the simplest of tasks.
10. A lot of what C&F says on this site is a joke. Hopefully, you get this already. But a friendly reminder, just in case.
[C&F reserves the right to extend or revise rules as required, with proper notification.]

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