Wednesday, June 20, 2007


For some, college football is the kind of sport that inspires passion and fervor long after most human beings have stopped worrying about the hobbies and interests of youth. These are the people that become the lions of the sport, and in a way bring it part of its enjoyable quirkiness and uniqueness.
One of them is Larry Munson. And while Munson's habit of constantly referring to the spelling-challenged Dawgs as "we" -- a step most other homer announcers don't cross -- has always been irritating to C&F, Munson always did his job well. Because that job was to bring the game to Ugha fans in a way that was entertaining to those fans. That's what made him a legend.
He'll be legendary fewer times this year, announcing today that he will forego road games for health reasons.
We'll be staying home.
A less dramatic sign of decline is on display in Penn State, where JoePa might not run onto the field to begin the season. This, of course, will do nothing to slow down the inevitable discussion about whether Paterno/Bowden/both should put up their headsets at the end of the year.
Don't bet on that, either.

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