Tuesday, June 19, 2007


It's that time again.

Phil Steele has spoken. The Sporting News has spoken. Athlon has spoken.

And now, the most esteemed of these experts, Cock & Fire, is preparing to let his words roll out into the public and be accepted by the masses as conventional wisdom. Or at least as more than random gibberish.

Both to give the site some variety and to avoid complete boredom or saturation, I'm going to mix in South Carolina previews with conference previews, the top things to watch for this season and other stuff.

Here's a proposed, and very rough, schedule of the next month:

THIS WEEK: Blake Mitchell, The Standards Department
NEXT WEEK: Mid-major conferences, South Carolina wide receivers
WEEK OF 7/2: Big East preview, South Carolina offensive line, New coaches
WEEK OF 7/9: Big XII preview, ACC preview, South Carolina defense, Old coaches

Again, subject to change with or without reason.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

say when di tge cocks report for official preseason practice?

9:40 AM


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