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Well, Nick Saban has finally signed his deal to not be the next Alabama coach. However, anyone questioning the perpetually low education rankings of C&F's birth state need only read some of the fine print:

University of Alabama trustees approved the eight-year, $32 million contract for football coach Nick Saban on Thursday.
The deal doesn't include a buyout clause if he wants to leave early and puts a cap on the number of public appearances Saban must make every year. [Emphasis, of course, is C&F's]

Now, C&F is the first one to say that buyouts, unless they are completely unreasonable, are meaningless. If you're going to pay a guy (and let's pull a number out of midair here), say, $4 million a year, a $1 million a year buyout probably isn't going to discourage you too much.

However, when you have a guy who changes jobs as often as Michael Vick changes dogs, you should at least have a buyout in there as a statement of principle. Get something out of it when the guy inevitably leaves. Give someone at least a few hundred thou to think about.

In any case, Saban won't be leaving any sooner than backup QB Jimmy Barnes, who says Saban treats people with a lack of respect. A stunning accusation, one that led to an equally surprising allegation from

His honor is besmirched!

According to Barnes' father -- because NCAA regulations only allow players' fathers to say controversial things about the programs they just left:

Tuscaloosa, Ala. — Alabama quarterback Jimmy Barnes quit the team because he was unhappy with coach Nick Saban's treatment, not over lack of playing time, his father said.
"To be honest with you, it's the way (Saban) is treating kids," John Barnes told The Birmingham News in a story Thursday. "What Jim told Saban was he was not going to give up his dignity and be treated like that." ...
"First of all, Jimmy didn't say that to me," [Saban] said. "I don't know of any circumstance that I treated any kid here — or anybody in our program — in a way that would affect their dignity." ...
Two of Barnes' former teammates disputed the characterization of Saban's treatment of the team.
"One thing he is really big about is treating people with respect," defensive end Wallace Gilberry said.
Wilson added that "respect is a big issue around here."

"Now, can somebody please take the cement shoes off my grandma?" Wilson asked.

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Anonymous Newspaper Hack said...

Alright, apparently I have to say this again:

Jimmy Barnes had no chance of being the starting quarterback at Alabama.

He was overweight. He was not as good as his hype. He'd already been bypassed by VHT recruit Greg McElroy and probably would have been below new guy Nick Fanuzzi, if you look at talent.

Plus, no one pays attention to Alabama football as much as its fans (well, and Auburn fans, and Tennessee fans and certain Ole Miss fans in the blogosphere). And Tide fans can tell you the players are extremely excited and happy with the way things have been going under Saban.

Anytime you have a tough coach, some people will bitch about it, or in fact cry, like that guy in Miami.

Last rant – Carolina fans can't talk about Saban and the jetting for a new opportunity thing, not with Spurrier on staff. Seriously. Let that one go.

10:39 PM

Blogger Brandon said...

Last rant – Carolina fans can't talk about Saban and the jetting for a new opportunity thing, not with Spurrier on staff.


In the last 20 years since he entered the college ranks, Spurrier's had four coaching jobs -- Duke (2 years, if memory serves, and he moved to his alma mater), Florida (12 years), Washington (he was essentially fired after 2 years), and South Carolina, where he's entering his third season. And where, contrary to Alabama fans' fondest wishes, he appears likely to stay a while.

Saban has had that many head coaching jobs since 1995, since 1999 if you want to count from his last year at Michigan State.

As an Auburn fan (now the second favorite team) in an Alabama family, I used to have a healthy rivalry/respect for Bama fans. But it was you guys who started this with the "Spurrier doesn't want to stay at your crappy school, he wants to come to OUR LEGENDARY, EARTH-DOMINATING PROGRAM."

And when his answer was a resounding NO, Bammers promptly picked up with crap like "Oh, well it was because the trustees wouldn't let him hire Paul Oliver" -- who isn't that much of a catch anyway.

Is Spurrier a hired gun? Eh, to a certain extent. But we didn't lure him away from a program/team by buying him off, and he didn't lie about coming. My problem with Nick Saban is Nick Saban; I don't care if he's coaching for Alabama or Michigan State or Kalamazoo U. The man is a slimeball, and as a CFB fan generally, I think having him as a successor to Bear Bryant is a disgrace.

10:27 PM


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