Tuesday, June 05, 2007


C&F had considered posting on this, but felt like it would have been cheap to do so since he doesn't actually buy Phil Steele's annual football guide.

(For those who think it has something to do with the depth of the magazine, it doesn't. C&F simply doesn't like the sensation of rivers of blood running from his eyes. Being generous, Steele uses 4-point type.)

However, EDSBS has now posted some highlights, so C&F will put the relevant particulars (to USC fans, anyway) out there: Steele has the Gamecocks in the running to take the East, with only the hated and spelling-challenged Dawgs as an obstacle.

Obviously, C&F hasn't even started preview stuff yet -- though minor conference stuff is forthcoming shortly. However, C&F will say this: the interior of the offensive line scares him. Scareshimscareshimscareshim.

Because we all know what happens when Blake isn't properly protected: The opposing defense gets in some extra sprints.

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