Tuesday, June 05, 2007


There's not a lot going on around the CFB world, which can mean only one thing.

It's time for Linkeration!

This week's entries:

--Sucky football guaranteed. The ACC released a TV schedule with an eye-popping 28 games airing in the first three weeks of the season. Which would be notable even for a conference that could, you know, actually play football. What makes it even worse, though, are some of the games that have been selected for television, including Georgia Tech's Sept. 8 dismembering of Samford and Wofford's ritual sacrifice at the hands of N.C. State.

A new addition to ACC's television schedule?

--Tough call either way. Wizard questions whether Terry Hoeppner can hold on at Indiana after AD Rick Greenspan's latest comments:

"The bottom line right now is that Hep is not back at work," Greenspan told the Indianapolis Star. "He has been out for a couple of months. Obviously we're concerned, and the longer he is out, the more concerned we get about his return or his ability to return."

Hoeppner, you'll remember, has had two brain surgeries in less than two years and was an inspiration for the team and darn near everybody who's more than a casual CFB fan. The question is, when does the absence become a detriment? And how much respect is Hoeppner owed just for being willing to try to grind it out? Not an easy decision.

--Bearish on headdresses. A last-ditch attempt to get a court to save Chief Illiniwek (because American courts have always looked out for Native Americans) has fallen short. It looks like this fight might be over, which will drastically cut down on C&F's opportunities to mock the NCAA bureaucracy. Never fear, dear readers -- they'll find something else that will make them easy targets. They always do.

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