Saturday, June 16, 2007


There are several tidbits floating around the CFB ether than cannot easily make a stand-alone post but should not be ignored.

It's time for Linkeration.

--First up, Deep South Sports digs up a little-known provision of Nick Saban's contract requiring a hefty supply of virgins for his pleasure. Apparently, those are hard to find at Bama.

--Meanwhile, XM continues to suck up all known CFB programming, at least until the SEC and/or the Big Ten decide to start up their own satellite radio system. Watch out if you get the Big Ten units, though; the first two or three channels come in crystal clear, but the rest are crappy.

Sees nothing wrong with one company controlling CFB satellite radio.

--Yeah, unless you've been under a rock for a couple of days, you've already heard this. But the other shoe has dropped at Indiana, where Terry Hoeppner has stepped aside for the 2007 season. Hopes are, he can get back in 2008. And the coaches and players are presumably hoping to get some extra fire out of fighting for their sidelined leader. It could, though, also be an enormous distraction.

--Florida's backup QB is injured, though the official line is that he'll be fine by the time the season begins. This is more of a concern, of course, at a school where your starting QB runs into brick walls for fun.

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