Sunday, June 10, 2007


It was bound to happen. Not to be outdone by the Big Ten and the Mountain West Conference(?), the SEC is now considering creating its own television network.

"No question, there would be football and basketball on it," SEC commissioner Mike Slive said recently at the SEC spring meetings. "I think there's something like 8,720 hours of programming available. Obviously, part of that would have to be significant football and basketball. The other piece that our presidents and chancellors are very interested in is it would create an outlet for non-athletic content from our universities, which have good communication schools."

Yes, non-athletic. You can just see "Bowties with Andrew Sorensen" being a smash success.

Because he's that telegenic.

In the meantime, C&F has obtained an exclusive draft of the primetime line-up for the new channel. Along with handwritten notes on the copy seen by C&F, it is reprinted below.

8 p.m.: Phil Fulmer's Cooking with Lard
8:30 p.m.: Stickin', hosted by Nick Saban
9 p.m.: Dealing with Adversity, hosted by Bobby Johnson
9:30 p.m.: Living with Alzheimers, with Rich Brooks (Note: We can change the time on this if Rich forgets)
10 p.m.: Spirituality and Distilled Spirits, with Mark Richt
10:30 p.m.: Technology Tonight (including text-in segment), with Houston Nutt
11 p.m.: Late Nights with Stephen Garcia

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Anonymous gatorhippy said...

You forgot

4:20am/pm Pot Talk with Herban Meyer

12:09 PM


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