Thursday, June 07, 2007


C&F thinks it's increasingly apparent that someone in the Indiana University athletics department is trying to send Terry Hoeppner a message and is being less than discrete about it:

Terry Hoeppner's contract with Indiana University could be voided if a doctor determines the Hoosiers' ailing football coach is permanently disabled.
The contract, obtained by The Associated Press under a Freedom of Information request, does not specify a timetable for making such a decision.
Hoeppner, who turns 60 in August, has undergone two brain surgeries since December 2005 and is on his third medical leave from the team. ...
Athletic director Rick Greenspan recently expressed concern over Hoeppner's prolonged absence but declined repeated interview requests from The Associated Press to elaborate on the disability provision in the contract, which is relatively standard language at Indiana. ...
With fall practice just two months away, Greenspan must decide soon how to proceed.
"We'll deal with it if we get to that point," Greenspan told an alumni gathering recently.

C&F is not saying. He's just saying.

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