Thursday, June 07, 2007


Georgia Tech officials, looking up and discovering that Atlanta is a hotbed of young professionals, has decided to go younger in their marketing approach.

No longer in Tech's target demo.

The Helluva Helluva Deal includes four tickets, four slices of pizza, parking and a coupon usable toward pre- or postgame food or drinks at Midtown restaurants or bars. ...
"We're going to create a special package for three or four guys sitting around a local watering hole or office to say, 'Hey, we'd like to go to the Georgia Tech game this weekend,' " athletics director Dan Radakovich said.

Two things that bother me about this. First of all, why the "Helluva Helluva Deal"? Did someone in the GT marketing place say, "Whipper-snappers like to cuss! We'll just cuss!" And then, surrounded by the giddiness of the first touch of irreverence since their early 60s, did these marketing officials decide to cuss twice just for the "Helluvit"?

Secondly, if you're going to appeal to younger people, you've got to speak the language. And "watering hole" has not been used by any college student in the last 15 years. Or more.

Final suggestion: Get a quarterback who doesn't spend all four years of his inexplicable career trying to find new heights of regression.

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