Friday, June 29, 2007


South Carolina fans' favorite ruffian, Stephen Garcia, has decided to submit to PTI as punishment for a life of crime.

No, not that PTI punishment.

Garcia will go the the special, USC section of the pretrial program, home to such distinguished alumni as Derek Watson and Syvelle Newton.

Stephen Garcia received good news Friday, even as he deals with a new, minor obstacle to playing quarterback for the South Carolina football team.
The freshman was accepted into a diversion program that would clear two misdemeanor charges from Garcia’s record once he completes the program. ...
The charges stemmed from a pair of arrests in a two-week span in February and March. The first charge was public drunkenness, and the second was malicious injury to personal property. Police dropped a second charge in the first incident, failure to stop on a police command. In the second incident, Garcia admitted keying the car of a visiting professor from Claflin University.
Garcia’s lawyer, Neal Lourie, expects the player’s PTI program to include community service and counseling. ...
Meanwhile, Garcia is suffering from a sprained right knee, his father and a team spokesman confirmed. The injury is not serious, and he is expected to be ready before fall practice in August.

C&F doesn't know how much Neal Lourie, who's also handling things for Quintin Richardson, has contributed to the Gamecocks scholarship fund, but it was an investment worth every penny.

Ah, remember this great good fair TBD day in Gamecock history?

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Anonymous Newspaper Hack said...

At this point, Carolina fans have to be saying, "Thank God for Chris Smelley."

I can't even imagine how pissed off Spurrier is about Garcia, or the award-winning shit he talks about him in private.

8:22 PM


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