Saturday, June 23, 2007

FIRING AWAY, 6.23.07

A few notes to get to.
First, the USC administration has self-reported eight violations to the NCAA. None of them are major, nor do any of them look particularly serious. But at least the association appears to have been successful in its drive to put an end to Jerri Spurrier's note-writing. (I should say, though, that somebody has to tell coaches when they can and can't contact players. It's getting a bit frustrating.)
Her evil campaign of etiquette has finally come to an end.
SI, meantime, sees South Carolina's schedule as the toughest in the SEC.
Adding North Carolina, a BCS conference team, is an upgrade over three of last year's non-conference foes. The good news is the Gamecocks drop Auburn from the West Division. The bad news is they add LSU.
Mark Schlabach, looking for ten seniors to watch, casts his gaze upon Jasper Brinkley. J-Brink is ranked No. 3 on the list, and Schlabach notes the senior "largely went unnoticed nationally" in 2006. I'm guessing that won't be a problem this year.
Finally, Roll Bama Roll's preview of South Carolina wraps up with a roundtable of myself and Third Down Draw. Which means the combined wisdom of the South Carolina blogosphere is collected in one place.

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