Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Apparently, Urban Meyer isn't the only one unhappy with the NCAA tax message ban.

Nearly three dozen schools are throwing a roadblock at the NCAA's efforts to ban text messaging in college recruiting.
Thirty-four schools have asked for an override of a decision by the rules-making Board of Directors to prohibit the practice, limiting electronically transmitted correspondence to recruits to e-mail and faxes. The measure, approved in April and effective Aug..1, is designed to end a text-messaging proliferation that a number of athletes complain costs them time and — because of cellphone charges — money.
Coaches have acknowledged the need for regulation, but many argue against an outright ban on a high-tech means of communication that's convenient and, they say, is now a part of high school- and college-age culture. ...
Thirty requests were needed to throw the rules change back to the board, which meets Aug..9. If it doesn't rescind or amend its decision, all 326 Division I schools will vote on the issue during the NCAA's annual convention in January. A five-eighths majority is needed to override.

If the five-eighths majority cannot be obtained, Myles Brand will sacrifice a cat and look toward Mt. Vesuvius for a sign from the volcano's latent spirit.

At least it gets a last meal.

Tom Cruise will help Brand interpret the signs, though it is believed that white smoke means the ban should remain and black smoke means it should be repealed.

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