Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I have returned.

No, contrary to popular rumors, Cock & Fire was not drafted ahead of Brady Quinn. Nor was he asked to play quarterback at Miami. There are some things CFB-related that even C&F won't do.

Rather, it was vicious Internet problems and a work trip to a resort in the Dominican Republic where they reportedly had -- but likely did not actually have, from all appearances -- functional wireless access. Somehow, this is not surprising.

C&F is aware he has missed several things, including Sidney Rice being drafted in the top 10 in the first round on the the first day for the NFL, the new insults to tradition South Carolina uniforms and -- on the national scene -- the new heights of good citizenship being reached at Penn State. Looks like there's one place JoePa can beat Pappy Bowden, anyway.

So C&F will begin -- probably tomorrow -- the "Things I've Missed" feature, which should pretty well carry us to the preseason predictions, inevitable suspension of a key member of the Gamecocks and touting of Stephen Garcia as the next SAVIOR OF THE PROGRAM.

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