Tuesday, May 08, 2007


One more note before I retire for the day. And hopefully not two months this time.

The folks over at The State have started some blogs. This still does not, in C&F's mind, knock down his claim to being the only independent, functioning South Carolina blog on the Internet -- though the functioning part could certainly be questioned in recent days -- since a blog written by The State's beat writer hardly fits the "independent" dimension.

However, I will say that it's worth reading. Which is about the highest praise C&F can give anything associated with The State. (Not a slap at the Sports section or the people working at the paper now -- just a general bad aftertaste from the way it was run when I lived in Columbia and the years of competing with it while working on The Gamecock.)

So here's a link. I'll put it on the sidebar at some point.

Tomorrow: Steve and the flag, as C&F begins a mad dash to catch up with what happened during his recent incarceration by Ellis T. Jones.

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