Monday, May 21, 2007


In journalism it's known as "burying the lead." It's when what is clearly the most important element of a story -- which should, under the inverted pyramid style, go at the top -- is placed lower down in the story.

The inverted pyramid. Don't trifle with it, punk.

The latest offender appears to have been found in an AP story out of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Which is actually the name of a town in Pennsylvania.

The result of trying to name towns without watching television.

Waaay down, at the bottom of the story, so far down you might not otherwise read it, comes this little gem:

Penn State will not disclose the salaries of its administrators and employees, and has tried to block an attempt by a reporter for the Patriot-News of Harrisburg to find out the salary of Paterno and three top administrators.
The state Supreme Court heard arguments earlier this month on whether secret salaries of Penn State employees, including Paterno, should be released to the public. "I don't care whether they release it or don't release it," Paterno said. "I don't care if they find out I made 5, 6 million bucks a year. That's fine. Putting up with [the media], I guess I deserve it." [EMPHASIS ADDED.]


Now, it should be pointed out that nowhere does JoePa actually say he makes or made $5-6 million a year. But he seems to come very, very close to doing so. And then he says "I guess I deserve it"? No, Joe Pa. If you were also treating dying AIDS patients in Africa and working to achieve peace in the Middle East, maybe.

Oh, Mr. Schiano? Are you listening?

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Blogger Ryan Ferguson said...

Ha! That's a great scoop.

Of course, JoePa is half-senile these days, so any statement coming out of his mouth has to be passed through the Koo-Koo filter. Poor old fella.

11:18 PM


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