Friday, May 18, 2007


The AJC had an interview with the Head Ball Coach a couple of days ago. Excerpts and comments:
Q: Did you anticipate the amount of interest there'd be in your recent statement that the Confederate flag shouldn't fly at the Statehouse?
A: Not really. I figured it'd get a little bit and die out.
Spurrier is obviously still catching up on the culture of South Carolina flaggers, a group made up roughly of 50 percent normal Southerners, 30 percent crazy rednecks and 20 percent people who actually want to secede again. Not in the future; now.
They haven't forgotten 150-year-old war. How long will they remember comments?
Q: What did you learn about your team this spring?
A: I really believe our defense will be better. We've been ninth in the conference both years. I think we've got better players there. We've recruited well. We'll have some new starters, for sure. On the offensive line, we're still looking for three starters. We'll see. Kenny McKinley has been our best receiver, but we signed some true freshmen who'll play immediately. I also learned what we don't have.
C&F is not surprised with the comments about the O-line. In fact, that's probably one of C&F's greatest concerns right now. Defense ... Spurrier's always talking down the offense and up the defense. I'd just be happy with no bowl-game meltdowns or near-meltdowns.
Q: How about Jared Cook?
A: He's doing fine. He tested out about like Calvin Johnson. I think he ran a 4.37 [-second 40-yard dash] and is 6-5 and 235. He struggles cutting, though, and getting away from guys. We're not sure what his best position is, receiver or tight end.
Ada ... huh? Calvin Johnson? Steve, don't be playing with us. If C&F sees more Jared Cook/Calvin Johnson comparisons, even with the cutting caveat, he might actually have to get some hopes up.
Good comparison or pointless tease?
Q: What's your take on your starting quarterback, Blake Mitchell?
A: Blake had a difficult spring game: 13-of-39. That's 1-of-3. He had some pressure on him, defenders in his face all day. The receivers struggled to get open. Hopefully with protection, he'll be fine. It's his fifth year. He's our quarterback.
An outright endorsement of Blake. But it reminds me of something ...
Blake Mitchell is our quarterback.
Q: Your thoughts on the SEC East?
A: Same as always, I guess. We'll be picked fourth. Kentucky is a little better, though. So is Vandy. Both beat UGA last year. We've set a goal of winning the SEC next year.
Mark Richt, meet Steve Spurrier (the one we used to know). Steve Spurrier, Mark Richt.

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