Thursday, March 08, 2007


The SEC is coming to an XM radio near you.

The Southeastern Conference named XM radio its official satellite radio provider in a five-year broadcast and marketing agreement announced Tuesday.
However, for now, the deal doesn't include the University of Alabama or Auburn University because the colleges already have agreements with Sirius radio, XM spokesman David Butler said.

Which is really a shame, because you can say "coonass" all you want on satellite radio.

Starting in the fall, SEC teams that will air on the station coast-to-coast are the University of Arkansas, University of Georgia, University of Kentucky, Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi and University of Tennessee. The University of South Carolina will join XM in fall 2008, followed by the University of Florida in fall 2009.
For each school, XM plans to air every regular-season football game, most basketball games and the SEC football and basketball championships.

All the 2008 start date for the Gamecocks means is that you'll miss the barn-burners against such perennial powers as Louisiana Laugheyette and S.C. State. North Carolina and Clemson, being ACC teams, are already on XM, and all the other conference games except Florida and LSU will be on, though you might be subjected to calls of "sooey" (or however they spell it) during the Arkansas game. Unless you actually count Vanderbilt as a conference game, in which case we're up to three for '07, but none after that.

This officially alters C&F's view on the Sirius-XM merger. Old: Neutral, because Sirius had at least some SEC games. New: The result of corporate mergers run amok, a sign of soulless big business and altogether a viciously wicked idea.

I was actually for the Sirius-XM merger before I was against it.

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Another blog bites the dust?

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Looks like it.

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