Tuesday, March 06, 2007


SAVIOR OF THE PROGRAM Stephen Garcia, who's doing a yeoman's job of singlehandedly keeping South Carolina in the hunt for the Fulmer Cup, has now apologized for his trangressions.

"I am sorry for all the events of the last couple of weeks and accept full responsibility for my actions," Garcia said. "I want to publicly apologize to Mr. Biggs, Coach Spurrier, my teammates, the USC fans, and the entire University of South Carolina. I do not make any excuses for my conduct. I am committed to changing my behavior and making positive contributions to the community."
Garcia, one of the nation's top quarterback prospects, has been suspended indefinitely since being charged Saturday with malicious injury to personal property. Biggs, 34, a visiting professor from Claflin University, told police that on March 1, he watched Garcia use a key to scratch the side of Biggs' 2007 Toyota Corolla, causing about $800 in damages.
Lourie said that Biggs and Garcia were involved in a dispute over a parking space prior to the incident. ...
Lourie said Stephen Garcia's brown, shoulder-length has been cut "considerably shorter." Garcia, a fan of Greek mythology, had not cut his hair in more than two years since watching the movie, "Troy."

Garcia's new look. Just don't let him get to Blake's brain.

Okay. So we have a quarterback who got caught intoxicated and with his pants down -- literally -- in Five Points, keyed a professor's car and bases his style decisions on Brad Pitt movie.

Now there's a winner.

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