Friday, March 02, 2007


Phil Fulmer has received a contract extension from the University of Tennessee. The extension means that Fulmer will be head coach in Knoxville until 2013 or until he has a major coronary episode, whichever comes first.

Give me a new contract or I'll eat that booster there.

(Though some would say that an extension until 2013 is pointless.)

Under the deal, Fulmer gets no extra money, though he does get his fill of free doughnuts.

Stock rose on the news.

Fulmer also gets "an unspecified pool of money to give raises to his coaching staff."

A contract extension Haldeman would approve of.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. Spurrier will never get anything going with the cocks, other than sucking a few. UGA, UT, UF and AU will continue to dominate the SEC. Dream on, you freeking loser. I'd bet my house that the Grimecunts will never finish better than 3rd in the east. Spermier is a has-been.

9:49 PM


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