Monday, February 19, 2007


XM and Sirius have confirmed that they will merge to create a company roughly the size of Phil Fulmer.

Look out! It's going for Clear Channel!

Why bring this up here? Weeeell, for anyone who has XM Radio -- like, say, a certain blogger -- it could mean SEC sports will soon join the Big Ten, ACC and Pac-10 games already on the radio. It could also mean exorbitant fees, fewer choices in other areas and customer service roughly akin to what you get at the post office.

Ain't capitalism grand?

The merger will have to get through the Justice Department -- which, given that the Bush Administration is only slightly harder on anti-trust violators than the McKinley Administration, is not likely to be a problem -- and avoid any lawsuits by people who still believe in that competition gobbledeegook.

Color C&F neutral until he hears more.

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