Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Want to know for a fact that Lou Holtz is gone and Steve Spurrier is the new head coach? Look no further:

Five days after Stephen Garcia's arrest in Five Points, USC coach Steve Spurrier suspended the Gamecocks freshman quarterback from participating in team activities. The suspension will prevent Garcia from participating in team weightlifting and running sessions and will last until further notice, athletics spokesman Steve Fink said Wednesday.

As anyone who has followed USC knows, this is -- ahem -- significantly more severe than the "punishment" Lou would have dealt out. (See: Watson, Derek)

See, I would have made him a team captain.

More important in the present, of course, is what this means for Garcia's future with the team. My guess, and it's really nothing more than a guess, is that he'll be benched long enough to cool off and learn not to be caught zipping up his pants while inebriated. In other words, I think this is a shot across the bow.

Part of that, of course, depends on whether Spurrier thinks he's brought a sense of discipline to the program. If he thinks he's finally gotten the team out of the we-can-each-Church's-chicken-and-steal-athletic-department-equipment-whenever-we-want mindset, Garcia will get a second chance.

If not...

Well, he won't be asking Lou for how to handle the problem.

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Blogger Robert said...

Wasn't Blake suspended indefinitely from the team as well? I think this is just what Spurrier is going to do until *ahem*chargesaredropped*ahem*

5:57 AM


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