Saturday, February 03, 2007


There's no such thing as a sure thing in life. Especially if it includes deals made in smoke-filled rooms that end up not being made at all.

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- Newly named Army football coach Stan Brock, who was recommended for the job by the retiring Bobby Ross, has decided not to retain Ross' son Kevin on staff.
"I decided it was important for the program to go in a different direction," Brock said in a statement released Thursday. "I continue to work toward building the best staff possible to lead our cadet-athletes and hope to be in position to announce the makeup of the entire staff shortly."
Kevin Ross said he was shocked at the decision and that his father also was upset.

One would imagine.

The decision was made last Saturday -- the day Brock accepted the job.
"My dad was under the assumption that I would be staying," Kevin Ross told the Times Herald-Record of Middletown.

Remember that time in high school when your dad told you to ask that girl out and she said "no"? Yeah, this must be like that times 100.

Kevin Ross said he was unsure of his future plans.

Again, one would imagine. But C&F is guessing dad's advice won't mean much.

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Blogger ThinSpring - Shaun said...

Brandon, apparently you do not know much about Army football by the looks of your post re: Kevin Ross' firing. If indeed you followed Army, even casually, you would know that this kid is most likely the least qualified Offensive Coordinator in Div 1A football. He was a freakin' bicycle rider! Oh yes, I thin he coached running backs somewhere too.

His daddy named him as an OC to try to get his boy's career jump started. This was an insult to Army football and its fans.

Even giving the kid the benefit of the doubt, look at his RECORD for proof of his ineptitude. K Ross could not call a complete game as OC. When the situation called for creativity, i.e. Texas A&M et al, he choked - plain & simple.

His daddy receives no free pass either, but, as your post concerns just the son, my observations on B Ross will have to wait.

So, K Ross can whine about the injustice of his termination, but to be "shocked" at Coach Brock's decision just reinforces the impression that K Ross was inept. How could you not believe that your job was in jeopardy after the miserable results turned in by the Ross'?


6:42 AM

Blogger Brandon said...


I was not trying to make any comment on the merits of the firing of Ross the Younger. In fact, if anything, I think the reference to "smoke-filled rooms" probably should have been taken as a slap at the Rosses, not Army. I'm not sure how it could be read as an endorsement of Ross -- perhaps my sarcasm was a bit strong -- but thanks for reading.

8:14 PM


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