Thursday, February 08, 2007


So, C&F figured recruiting was worth one last post, since it turned out so well (we hope) for the Gamecocks.

First of all, Spurrier continues to get props for hauling in the best crop of recruits in South Carolina history. Bar none. If the rankings are right.

The center of the class seems to have come from Florida -- no surprise there -- and North Carolina. That makes a lot of sense, seeing as how North Carolina, Duke and Wake Forest have little cache when it comes to football -- Wake Forest still has to prove 2006 wasn't a fluke -- and N.C. State has to wash away the disaster that was the end of the Amato years.

This is how we tell if you start: Paper, scissors ...

The Tarheel State has to have talent, and with few other natural places to go (Virginia Tech? Tennessee?), there's no reason it shouldn't come to Columbia.

The best news could be in the receiving class, particularly with Sidney Rice taking off for the NFL. Again, this is if the rankings are right. I'd say one of these guys will almost certainly start in three-receiver sets, and one of them might make No. 2. Or, if Spurrier decides to keep Kenny McKinley at No. 2, one of them has an outside chance at the No. 1 position.

The contrast is striking with Clemson, which is gearing up to blame 'rithmetic for its recruiting woes.

It's just too hard for our would-be players.

Oh, and a handy tip: Try not to get your recruits shot. They tend to choose another school.

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