Saturday, February 10, 2007


Chan Gailey has chosen an offensive coordinator, and his name (shockingly) is not Reggie Ball:

Bond replaces Patrick Nix, who helped Georgia Tech's offense lead the ACC in scoring in eight league games last season. Nix took the offensive coordinator's job at Miami last month.
Bond, coincidentally, interviewed with the Hurricanes prior to Nix taking the job. ...
Bond said his offensive philosophies match those of Gailey.
"We're all about being physical and not hurting yourself with turnovers and field position," Bond said. "I love fact that they run the football, and I love the fact that they're a tough physical outfit."
Bond said Gailey promised him the freedom to tweak the Yellow Jackets' offense if necessary.
"But it certainly won't be any sort of major overhaul," Bond said. "When you win an ACC Coastal Division title, you don't need an overhaul."

First of all, Bond can't say that leading the ACC in scoring during conference games is a reason not to change the offense. That's sort of like saying you're the youngest fan of The Price is Right; you're still on Social Security.

As far as tweaking the offense -- well, one major change has already been made for him.

Worth at least a 3-point per game bump.

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