Thursday, February 15, 2007


Let the battle begin, with Chief Illiniwek -- or two Chief Illiniweks, actually -- taking on the NCAA in court.

And, ah, the irony of their lawsuit against the organization that likes to tout its "student athletes"?

"According to today's lawsuit, getting rid of the chief would harm those who portray him because it would damage their reputations, and would jeopardize their ability to receive academic credit, monetary scholarships and future earnings."

In this corner, at 5'8", 170 lbs. and a stereotype rating of 9.5, Chief Illiniwek:

We beat pale face and his forked tongue. And his absurd clock rules.

And in this corner, at a scholarly height and weight, Myles Brand:

My professor friends and I are horrified by the redma...I mean, Native American stereotyping.

So now it's official. The NCAA will be spending time on uncovering whether students are being paid to play football ... and defending its stance barring someone from dancing around in a feathered headress before a football game.

***Note: I am 1/16 Native American and proud of that heritage. However, I think the fight against these mascots is political correctness run amok. Kind of like Australians getting upset about the accents in The Rescuers Down Under. That said, if I have offended anyone with Native American heritage, I apologize.***

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