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You're not going to see a lot of recruiting news on C&F. In fact, C&F prides himself on not covering recruiting.


For a few reasons, one of them being that he doesn't slog through the 900-page recruiting guides that are put out there by your favorite agency.

Second, because he doesn't think there's a dearth of recruiting coverage. Quite the opposite. There's information galore on Gamecock recruiting here and here. (Okay, so a lot of it's not free, but still...)

But mostly it's because C&F doesn't believe that it makes any sense to cover recruiting extensively.

The reason is because recruiting is just one part of a loooong process between being a H.S. football player and becoming a quality college football player, and a lot of players don't (or, for reasons beyond their control, can't) make that jump.

As a perfect example, Lou Holtz hauled in a few quality recruiting classes in his time at South Carolina. How'd that work out? Granted, he had trouble getting some of them to school, or to remain in school, but character should be part of the equation.

Where most of Lou's recruits ended up.

And Jim Donnan famously took what the UGA head coach called the most talented squad he had ever coached to the Music City Bowl Oahu Bowl in his last year in Athens.

Everybody who signs a letter of intent doesn't make it to campus. Even if they don't, just getting out there and running around during an SEC game doesn't get you a championship. In fact, it gets you killed.

You have to be coached. And, for his money, C&F would rather have a five-star coach and three-star recruits than a three-star coach and five-star recruits. Mediocrity is a mindset that can be easily taught and even more easily learned.

So you might see a smattering of recruiting news covered here. C&F mentioned Stephen Garcia, though mostly in amusement about the rabid interest in a H.S. QB who had never taken a college snap.

But, for the most part, not much recruiting news here.

Besides, the players who will play the largest role in South Carolina's record next year are already on campus. Hopefully to stay.

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Blogger Kyle McInnis said...

That Donnan team actually went to the Oahu Bowl, which is equally ridiculous. You certainly need good recruits, but there isn't yet a good system to consistently determine who those guys are, just as you stated. Almost all of UGA's All-American players in the past few years were three star recurits.

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